"... Thomas Abbott was truly marvellous:inclusive, indefatigable, good-humoured...not to mention his remarkable knowledge. ..."

Academy Travel Australia Tour to 'Berlin and Beyond' in October, 2017

"... Thomas Abbott is an outstanding lecturer. He also has wit and a humour that added to what he had to say. ..."

Martin Randall Travel Tour to 'Organs of Bach's Time' in September, 2017

"... Tom is a wealth of knowledge on all subjects pertaining to Berlin. He also makes the day a joy with his sparkling, upbeat personality ..."

Martin Randall Travel Tour to 'Opera in Berlin' in February, 2017

"... wonderfully knowledgeable, approachable, and considerate ..."

Martin Randall Travel Tour to 'Christmas in Munich' in December, 2016

"... Thank-you for two truly inspirational talks ..."

Lecture Tour to Cardiff, Wales in October, 2016

"... Mr Thomas Abbott was an outstanding guide for this group – American; living in Berlin for 26 yrs, his commentary was best suited ..."

Tour of Berlin with American Lutherans

"... Thank you. Everyone said how wonderful you were ..."

Hapsburg Heritage tour to 'The Ring of Nibelungen' in Berlin, January, 2014

"... The very best!, extraordinarily good lecturer, expert knowledge combined with superb communication skills, higher intellectual level than many lectures, challenging and inspirational, brilliant tour de force, a delight and marvellous! ..."

NADFAS ADUR VALLEY, Study Day: The Baroque and Rococo of Germany